As you struggle and stumble your way through South Africa’s airports trying to find Gate 53 or Terminal B, you will now be able to do so with the help of the officially launched airport app.

Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) launched their official app with the aim that it will help fellow flyers navigate their way around the country’s airports.

“In addition to expediting airline and parking reservations, the app puts the airport in the pocket of passengers by providing them with convenient tools to find shops and restaurants, airline, travel and traffic information, weather reports and customer care details. It will also assist passengers to easily plan their alternative transport and passengers travelling to Gauteng may synchronise with the Gautrain timetable,” ACSA said in a media statement.

The app is available for Android, iOS and Blackberry smartphones and will form part of the first phase in which ACSA will try to improve its services and offerings. Go here for Android, here for iOS and here for BlackBerry.

“We believe that the Airports App enables our business to take advantage of emerging technologies on smart platforms to offer travellers a virtual airport service, reliably and seamlessly. Statistics show that 79 percent of our travellers want more self-service options; it is an effective way of using technology to respond to passenger demands,” said Tebogo Mekgoe, Chief Operating Officer of ACSA.

Mekgoe added that the intention for the app was to ensure that users and airport passengers have information available at all times.

“We are providing a tool that is simple and intuitive to ensure that travellers gain the advantage of accessing information anytime, anywhere. The growth of personal mobile technology has ushered in a new era of passenger-centric service, offering streamlined experience through a user-friendly interface,” Mekgoe added.

Users will be able to do the following with the Airports App:

  • Flights: Search for flights can be done via a flight number or an advanced search option as well as checking in online. Once the flight is activated, any changes related to the flight will be visible to the passenger on their mobile device.
  • At the Airport: A list of the airlines that operate at the respective airports, as well as their contact numbers are provided. There is also a list of frequently asked information and contact details of the Customer Care department as well as the airport. Users will have access to a map of the airport developed in conjunction with TomTom and Micello Indoor Maps. This allows the passenger to search for, and be routed to, a location at the airport. Parking options and other information such as a parking cost calculator are also available. Weather updates of conditions at the airport are sent through on an hourly basis.
  • Shop and Dine: A selection of restaurants and shops to choose from can be searched either by category, terminal or name. A currency calculator is also available.
  • To and From the Airport: Traffic updates mean travellers can plan their trip to the airport more effectively. Also, there are listings and contact details of the car rental companies, Gautrain, taxis, and shuttle services.
[Image  – CC by 2.0/Giacomo Petronio]
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