The 2014 FIFA World Cup is finally here! But seeing that Brazil is about five hours behind us time-wise, many of the games will be broadcast live in the late evenings or early hours of the morning. This means that most SA footie followers will either have to PVR or watch repeats of the matches.

Spoilers are inevitable, so to help fans avoid them Australian television provider Fetch TV has created a World Cup spoiler block extension for Chrome.

Spoiler Spoiler scans sites for countries, team names, and football terms and blocks them from appearing on your screen. Content is blocked with the colours of any of your favourite teams nation, so if you select Cameroon, the content on the screen will be covered in green and yellow.
Screenshot (26)

It works well on Facebook and Twitter as well, although photos and videos won’t be blocked.

Screenshot (22)


Screenshot (23)


For your smartphone, you can download the Spoiler Shield app for iOS and Android.

Spoiler Shield blocks TV and sports spoilers on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Simply sign in with your Twitter and Facebook account, choose Shields in the menu tab and select what you want to block. For the World Cup, you can either choose to to turn on the spoiler block for certain teams, or select them all. To unblock a shield, just double tap on the post.


[Image – YouTube]