If you’re in Durban and looking for a good spot to have a business meeting, Florida Road is the place to be thanks to brand-new connectivity options that come courtesy of MWEB.

The internet service provider has just rolled out free WiFi to almost the entire road, covering up to 90% of the road’s restaurants, hotels and nightspots with uncapped, completely free WiFi that anyone can use.

Absolutely anyone. Uncapped WiFi. For free. Almost anywhere along Florida Road. That’s pretty significant – South Africa isn’t exactly known for cheap internet access, never mind “free”.

Nathier Kasu, general manager at MWEB WiFi, said that the free internet connectivity is attracting many of Durban’s small business owners who have taken to using restaurants in the area to work and conduct meetings. As Kasu puts it, “For the coffee shops and lunch spots, business is booming.

This isn’t the first time MWEB has deployed a WiFi hotspot for public use: there are already quite a few dotted around KZN, the Western Cape and Gauteng as you can see on MWEB’s “Find WiFi Hotspot” page. According to this latest press release, the number of locations that will offer MWEB WiFi is set to expand to more shopping malls, airports and entertainment destinations around the country in future.

These deployments aren’t simply WiFi hotspots, however, in each one MWEB has meshed together a number of individual hotspots to create a large WiFi network covering indoor and outdoor areas, which can adapt to an increasing number of users on the fly. It’s all connected to MWEB’s nationwide network via a “powerful backhaul”.

MWEB is so confident of their network’s capabilities that they say “it will be perfectly suited to carrying broadcast content such as video-on-demand and mobile TV”, services that generally require fast, low-latency bandwidth to work properly without buffering every few seconds.

The actual speeds people will get on their phones, tablets and computers will likely vary according to individual devices’ capabilities, the number of people connected at the same time ,and the layout of their physical location… but it’s fair to expect multi-megabit speeds at any time.

So if you’re in Durban and anywhere near Florida Road, maybe have your next business meeting at one of the restaurants there, connect up to MWEB’s shiny new WiFi network and send us screenshots of your Speedtest.net results.

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