Yesterday we wrote about Team Fortress 2’s obsession with bread, and right at the end we threw in word of a countdown timer that was ticking down to an unknown event.

That event turned out to be the release of the longest Source Filmmaker movie produced by Valve since they started doing it back in 2007 with their “Meet the Heavy” introductory vid. It’s called Expiration Date, and it’s all about a death-timer, a love-lorn Scout who’s desperate to woo Miss Pauling with his final hours and, of course, bread.

But that’s not all – alongside the lengthy, elaborate and decidedly funny movie, Valve has released a new “Love & War” update to Team Fortress 2 that introduces new ways of expressing yourself in-game and a handful of new achievements. The expressions include a friendly headbutt and the option to do a conga, a square dance and a flip which can all be done with a fellow player.

Valve has more planned for Team Fortress 2 in the coming days, apparently, if Polygon is to be believed, so keep an eye on the Team Fortress 2 page to see what else everyone’s favourite PC gaming company has in store.

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