In a bid to collect different sounds from around the world, Nokia recently hosted the Sounds of the World project in Cape Town with students from the South African College of Music (SACM).

The SACM was chosen as one of four tertiary institutions taking part in the project, with three other universities from London, Chennai and Shanghai representing their continents respectively. 

Five new ringtones composed by six students from the SACM were chosen as part of the African-inspired ringtones. The winning sounds composed by students from all four institutions will be pre-installed in new Nokia mobiles in the near future. 

The names of the African ringtones and their composers are:

  • Back In Town, by Jonathan Prest
  • African Hue, by Bubele Booi
  • Djembe Jig, by Siyabulela Jiyana and Keketso Bolofo
  • Tabletop, by Siyabulela Jiyana and Keketso Bolofo
  • Kalimba Sunrise, by Frank Panaou and Rashid Adams

“We expect a selection of these ringtones to ship on all new Nokia mobile phones and these together with the ones from London, Shanghai, and Chennai are being considered for product use towards the end of the year. As an added incentive, each ringtone artist will receive €1,000 (around R14 500),” said Henry Daw, Microsoft Mobile’s principle sound designer.

Here’s a sneak peek at two of the ringtones you can expect to hear on new Nokia devices:

[Source – Nokia Blog, Image – YouTube]