Young number whizzes from around the globe will gather in Cape Town next month for the prestigious 55th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

Presented by the South African Mathematics Foundation and endorsed by the Department of Basic Education and Department of Science and Technology, this year’s IMO will see high school learners from more than 100 countries take part in what is called the “World Cup of Mathematics”.

This is the first time in history that an African country is hosting the IMO, it kicks off on Thursday 3rd July and ends on Sunday 13th July at the University of Cape Town.

Eight participants will be representing Team South Africa, they are: Nashlen Govindasamy, Yaseen Mowzer, Tae Jun Park, Sanjiv Ranchod, Bronson RudnerRobin Visser, Melissa Kistner (deputy leader) and Dirk Basson (leader). We wish them all the best.

Watch the IMO promo video below:

[Source – IMO2014, Image – IMO2014]