Four Corners, the South African gangster film set on the Cape Flats, has won the ‘Best Film’ award at the Niagara Integrated Film Festival (NIFF) in Canada.

The NIFF festival was celebrating its first year of existence, bringing together several smaller events in the region under one international banner.

Four Corners tells the story of a young man coming of age in the Cape Flats among violence and gang warfare, and was shot largely in vernac. It’s currently available in South Africa via DStv’s BoxOffice on demand service.

The film, which was South Africa’s Oscar entry this year, became infamous earlier this year as the subject of the country’s first criminal prosecution for online copyright infringement. Cape Flats resident Majedien Norton was convicted of sharing a torrent file containing the film via The Pirate Bay and received a wholly suspended prison sentence for his efforts. The sentence was described as “draconian” by legal observers.

The director of the film, Ian Gabriel, was ambivalent about the effect of online file sharing had on Four Corners’ success, recognising that while it may well have cost some sales many people might have watched the movie who would have been otherwise unaware of its existence.

[Via – BizCommunity]
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