There is currently a shortage of skills in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics sectors, and for that reason The Innovation Hub has partnered with City of Tshwane to developed a number of initiatives aimed at the youth.

The Innovation Hub stressed that youths from previously disadvantaged backgrounds often don’t have the right tools or facilities to engage in science and technology, which is why three initiatives were created: FabLab, eKasi LABS and Kusile Mobile Labs.

“Our involvement in the innovation journey has seen us embrace digital technologies and includes a range of measures designed to facilitate access to connectivity. We owe it to the youth of 1976 to initiate programs that would liberate today’s youth from socio-economic segregation. I am glad that the introduction of the FabLab and Ekasi Labs will be the entry point into the exciting world of entrepreneurship, mathematics and science,” explained Tshwane mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa.

The Innovation Hub detailed the initiatives:

A Fab Lab, which is an abbreviation for fabrication laboratory, is a miniature factory for digital fabrication where prototypes can be created and will be strategically located at The Innovation Hub as it is the first accredited science and technology park in Africa.

 eKasi LABS which will be piloted at the Ga-rankuwa Arts and Crafts Centre in an area that can be easily accessed by the broader community where young people will create tangible solutions that address their community’s problems.

Kusile Mobile Science Labs are an innovative and cost-effective solution to the inadequate science laboratories available in primary and secondary schools which were designed and manufactured by local entrepreneurs from Kusile Labs & Technology and will be distributed at various local disadvantaged schools throughout the week from the 23 June.

“One of the challenges faced by young people and budding entrepreneurs wanting to utilise facilities and services available at The Innovation Hub is access to our services as it is located in an area that is relatively inaccessible owing to the distance travelled as well as cost of transportation.  This partnership was conceptualised from a strategic decision to ‘take innovation to the people’ by establishing co-creation spaces that will foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial activities that better the lives of the community and create wealth,” added McLean Sibanda, CEO of The Innovation Hub.

[Source – Innovation Hub, image – Shutterstock]