Popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter has created a dedicated category for journalism projects. It’s a space where they can be easily accessed, as Kickstarter said that they have previously been scattered across the website in various other categories.

“Kickstarter’s journalism category will be a home for projects that have until now landed in other areas of the website, and it reflects our interest in helping new journalistic models thrive,” Kickstarter said in a media statement.

To give a bit of background as to why they decided to create a separate space for journalism-focused project, the website said that more than $10 million has already been pledged. “Against a backdrop of flux and confusion in the journalism business, more than $10m has been pledged to 2,000-plus journalism, periodical, radio, and podcast projects on Kickstarter to date.”

Currently there are over 1 000 projects ready for funding, and span a vast range of topics, ideas and interest – but most of them involve either the writing of a book, or making a documentary film.

The UK’s Guardian newspaper at the same time launched their curated Kickstarter page, which holds a selection of journalism projects that they deem noteworthy that need funding.

“At the Guardian, we’re excited by new forms and models of journalism, and Kickstarter’s focus on the fourth estate is something we’re happy to support by helping pick the projects that we think look most interesting,” said Caspar Llewellyn Smith, the Guardian’s interim network editor and head of culture.

[Source – Guardian]
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