Capture double the action with GoPro’s Dual Hero

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What can be better than capturing that sweet moment or super-slick move using a GoPro action camera? Well, two cameras of course. The maker of “the world’s most versatile camera” unveiled a new housing that accommodates two GoPro Hero+ camera at the same time – adding a bit of diversity to your adventure.

By having two separate cameras housed in the Dual HERO System, you will be able to record video and still images at the same time. Having the two cameras focussed on the same subject, it will also make the recording of 3D video that much easier.

“Imagine how incredible your footage would look in 3D. The Dual HERO System makes it easy to record synchronised 2D videos or photos to convert to 3D using free GoPro Studio editing software,” the camera maker said in a press statement.

Viewing 3D content needs glasses, but luckily GoPro has thrown in a pair of 3D anaglyph glasses with it, so you will be able to edit or view the footage straight from a 3D compatible monitor or television.

Made from the same waterproof material as the single-camera housing, it features a single interface control so that you can control both unit through only one camera’s settings and modes. Speaking of waterproof, the new Dual Hero is waterproof up 60 meters and has been built to withstand wet, damp or dirty conditions.

Requiring a GoPro Composite or Combo Cable, you will be able to accesses the Dual HERO System’s integrated Mini USB port for data offload, battery charging, and live-feed video to an external monitor.

[Source – GoPro]



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