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Disgraced former minister Dina Pule dragged back to court

During her tenure as minister of communications, Dina Pule had a bit of a chequered career, in terms of her capabilities as minister, as well as being accused of corruption and a potential conflict of interest.

Now South Africa’s Special Investigative Unit (SIU) has dragged Pule back to court over the appointment of Universal Service Access Agency of South Africa’s (Usaasa) head Zami Nkosi. The SUI claims that Pule interfered with the appointment of Nkosi, and should be brought to book for it.

They allege in court papers handed to the Pretoria High Court that after a formal interview process, Pule didn’t endorse any other candidate except Nkosi, and then made sure that he got appointed to the position regardless. The SUI aims to remove Nkosi as the head of Usaasa, as well as make Pule accountable for his irregular appointment.

“In an affidavit filed at the high court in Pretoria last week, SIU programme manager Paul Modipa alleged that Pule – after refusing to endorse any candidates selected from a formal interview process – then went beyond her powers to ensure that Nkosi was appointed into the position,” the Mail & Guardian wrote.

The SUI said the filed court papers that Nkosi also made irregular appointments while at the helm. “In the course of our investigations, which I led, we found… that Nkosi has been making irregular and or unlawful appointments and promotions of certain officials,” said Paul Modipa, programme manager at the SIU in the papers.

Usaasa is responsible for the overseeing universal access to and service to ICTs in South Africa, and is at the helm of the country’s migration from analogue to digital television.

The case has been set to go to court in August.

[Source – Mail & Guardian]

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