More free storage in the sky from OneDrive

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Data storage space is one of those things that you simply cannot have enough of. However in the last few years where that storage is physically located has changed. You might know it as ‘the cloud’ and Microsoft, like every other major tech company these days, offers everyone some form of free storage in the cloud through its OneDrive app.

Last night Microsoft announced that it was increasing the free storage capacity of OneDrive from 7GB per user to 15GB per user. The upgrade will increase the base storage size of OneDrive and can still be increased by referrals (up to 5GB extra) and using the new smartphone camera upload feature from the OneDrive app (3GB extra).

Those users who subscribe to Microsoft’s Office 365 will be the biggest winners from the upgrade with a massive 1TB of storage space being offered to users of any of the commercial packages including the new Office 365 Personal launched in May. Office 365 Home users, who get five office installations that can be shared amongst other users, will get 1TB in storage for each of the five to use as well.

Pricing for those who buy additional storage has also been slashed with 100GB of additional storage costing $1.99 (R21) a month and 200GB going for $3.99 (R42) a month. Dropbox, the original darling of the cloud storage movement charges $9.99 and $19.99 for the same storage levels for comparison.

The changes will take effect sometime during next month and will automatically increase your storage size accordingly.

[Source, Image – OneDrive blog]



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