[VIDEO] 1st for Women Foundation launches new campaign

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South African female-only insurance provider 1st For Women, has launched a campaign under its 1st for Women Foundation, called ‘Giving, it’s what women do’, featuring an advert dedicated to the hard work and determination of women in our country.

“Our new campaign is a huge departure from our norm. That’s because, for the first time, we have decided to highlight the 1st for Women Foundation and not the fact that women are a better insurance risk than their male counterparts,” explains Robyn Farrell, executive head of 1st for Women.

The one-minute advert tells the story of a teenage school girl who demonstrates strength while juggling personal responsibilities like raising her younger siblings and getting an education.

“It pays homage to the thousands of South African women who work so tirelessly to care for everyone around them – it salutes their selflessness, applauds their generosity and speaks to the collective power of women – ultimately acknowledging a woman’s inherent ability to give, regardless of her situation or circumstance,” says Farrell.

“We think viewers will connect with this story in a way that not only inspires and uplifts them, but also gets them thinking differently about women. Although the situation portrayed in the advert is a sad reality in South Africa, we were able to illustrate it in a positive light – focusing on the selflessness of women. All in all, this is a piece of work that we are extremely proud of and humbled to be part of,” ended Ahmed Tilly, executive creative director at Black River FC, the company behind the advert.

Watch the advert below:

[Source – Bizcommunity, Image –YouTube]



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