Looking at Vincent Brady’s incredible photos of the night sky, you could easily presume they’re digital illustrations. Guess again – all it took was four cameras with fisheye lenses and some creativity to take these very real 360-degree panoramic photos, and combine them cleverly to make a timelapse video.

Brady created the camera rig he used while in his final year of college back in January 2013 and hit the road to places like Missouri, the Glacier National Park, British Columbia and the Great American Southwest.

Each camera was pre-set to take continuous photos over 2-3 hours with 1-2 minute exposures, resulting in around 100 or 200 photos from each camera. Brady used Photoshop and StarStaX to blend and edit his photos – that’s how he got the “streaked stars” effect – and created the panoramic effect using PTGui Pro.

“I find the best results when scoping out locations in the daytime before going out into the pitch blackness. I typically but not always setup just before sundown and take a few photos while sunlight is still present and blend in these shots with the night scene to bring out some details in the elements,” Brady says.

Watch below to see the timelapse video and visit Brady’s website to see more of his amazing shots:

[Source – Mashable, Image – YouTube]