Google Doodles are something we see almost everyday. Not only do they bring a bit of life and fun to our screens, Google Doodles also teach us a little something about people we may or may not know about. Have you ever wondered who is responsible for these creative illustrations?

Meet Liat Ben Rafael.

w-liatbenrafael-062714 (1)
Liat Ben Rafael, the woman behind Google’s Doodles

The 28-year old Isreali-born curator works at the Google offices in California as one of three managers of the Google Doodle team consisting of 10 illustrator-animators, art school graduates, and four programmers, to produce around 400 Doodles a year.

“Google knows how many surfers see the doodle, which shows the website’s human, positive and personal face. We feel we’re lucky to have what seems to be the world’s biggest canvas, and all we need to do with it is make people smile and teach them something new. We don’t work with market surveys. We have creative autonomy, and that’s what makes the magic. Every stage of approval and fixes would make our doodles lose their charm. For this purpose we set aside a team that does not move the company forward, is not commercial and does not bring in revenue,”Ben Rafael told Forward.

Ben Rafael started at Google as a student intern in Israel. She moved to California after joining the branding department and then went on to join the Google Doodle team. Her main duty now is to construct the annual plan for the Google Doodles and decide which are developed and illustrated.

“In a smiling Israeli way, I said I was interested and that if there was an opportunity, I wanted to work there,” she says. “A week later, one of the team leaders moved to France and I replaced her, and nothing can make me leave.”

[Source – Forward. Images – Google, Forward]