Microsoft South Africa has just sent out a press release announcing that from today, South Africans can pre-order their Xbox Ones.

There are two bundles to choose from, which Microsoft says are available to pre-order while stocks last: An Xbox One without the Kinect for R6 299.95, and one that comes with the Kinect and a Day One Limited Edition controller for R7 999.95.

Both bundles feature an Xbox One with a 500GB hard drive, a chat headset, and HDMI cable, built-in WiFi and a Blu-ray drive, but they each have different game bundles: the R6 299.95 option comes with download tokens for Forza 5 and FIFA 15, while the Kinect bundle comes with FIFA 15 and Dance Central Spotlight.

Gamers can pre-order their Xbox Ones from etailers and retailers that deal with gaming from today, to be ready for the official South African launch date of September 23.