Even though Microsoft has discontinued support their support for their widely-used Windows XP OS, it is probably still one of the favourite operating systems to come from Microsoft. So when it was time for Windows 7 to be released, the OS was received with muted enthusiasm, but it wasn’t until Windows 8 and 8.1 rolled around that computer users started to regain confidence in the company.

Taking complaints and suggestions into account, Microsoft is said to change the way Windows will operate on machines when the next update rolls through town.

Dubbed Windows Threshold, it is reported that it will work completely different depending on the hardware that you use – even more so than Windows 8.1.

“Users running Threshold on a desktop/laptop will get a SKU, or version, that puts the Windows Desktop (for running Win32/legacy apps) front and center. Two-in-one devices, like the Lenovo Yoga or Surface Pro, will support switching between the Metro-Style mode and the Windowed mode, based on whether or not keyboards are connected or disconnected,” wrote ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, a well-known Windows information leaker.

Foley also noted that Microsoft’s goal with Threshold is to satisfy the users who don’t have touch-first machines, or those that prefer to skip the tile-layout altogether.

“One of Microsoft’s primary missions with Threshold is to try to undo the usability mistakes made with Windows 8 for those who prefer and/or are stuck with devices that are not touch-first and for which keyboard/mouse use is of central importance.”

Windows Threshold is expected to launch the middle of next year, but Microsoft is more than likely to release a preview version some months before – if previous updates and releases are anything to go by. Foley noted that Microsoft will release a final 8.1 update before preview – speculated to be round August.

There is still some discussion on whether it will be called Windows 9 or if they are sticking to Windows Threshold, but according to Foley’s sources “Threshold is looking like it could be free to all Windows 8.1 Update, and maybe even Windows 7 Service Pack 1, users.”

It is interesting to note that Foley claims Microsoft is “done” with Windows 8, and that it has “become Microsoft’s Vista 2.0”.

[Source – ZDNet]
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