Since its launch 18 years ago in the UK, Stuff magazine has had half naked women on its covers so that it would appeal to men, but that’s changing as Stuff editor-in-chief, Will Findlater has said it will officially no longer use scantily clad women because it alienated readers, particularly its growing female readership.

When Stuff first made its debut, it catered specifically to men who were into everything tech and featured half naked women specifically so that it would be placed next popular men’s magazines like Loaded, FHM and GQ on store shelves. But it how has a 40% female readership. 

“We appreciate the readership has changed. It’s more of a general shift towards what’s acceptable and what’s good. It’s about showing off the good stuff we have as opposed to having an image that’s not related to that,” Findlater told The Telegraph.

Last year, Stuff tested the waters when it carried out market research and started dropping half naked cover girls as a way to determine how it would affect readership. That seems to have worked well as the magazine saw a six to 10% rise in sales.

“We want the cover to reflect what is about: the best technology in the world,” Findlater said. “Our new look will make it easier for us to bring our award-winning coverage… to readers united by their passion for technology – and nothing else.”

Will Stuff South Africa follow suit? There’s no word yet, but we’ll probably find out next month.

[Source – The Telegraph. Image – Flickr]