A new blog dedicated to honouring and profiling South African women in tech has just been launched.

Women in Tech ZA aims to be a resource for women in the sector to network and showcase themselves, their fields and expertise. 

“The idea for the site came from Paul Scott (a very nice man who programmes and has an interest in such things), who created the blog and handles the tech side of it. He hadn’t gotten around to doing anything with it and asked a few months ago if I would take it over as I’m better placed to get it going (given my 15 years covering the sector and 17 years in publishing). I said sure, asked a whole bunch of people for nominations of women to profile and then got bogged down in work and sat on it. This week, finally, I came up for air and decided to get it going,” says Samantha Perry, the woman behind the site.

Anyone can submit nominations for any woman in tech they think should be profiled on the blog by emailing Samantha at [email protected] or tweeting @WomeninTechZA. “Send me name, surname and email address, I’ll do the rest. If you’re female and in the tech sector, you qualify, so get in touch please!” Samantha adds.

[Image – Shutterstock]