The South African developers of the indie game BroForce have just released a new “Death from Above” update for the game to coincide with the US’s 4th of July holiday weekend. Perfect timing for a game punting caricatured US patriotism with characters based on over-the-top action flicks.

The update doesn’t just fix a bunch of things, it adds the option to rain death down on enemies from elevated positions using directional fire, hence “Death from above”.

It also adds two new bros: the grenade-chucking Colonel James Broddock and Cherry Broling, a female bro that has a machine gun for a leg. Geek points for knowing which action flicks they’re from. That makes two female bros in the bro line-up, the other being Ellen Ripbro, a bro based on none other than the xenomorph-slaying badass from the Alien movies, Ellen Ripley.

Here’s a list of some of the other, smaller changes made:

  • Made GR-13 jump back correctly
  • Fixed Boondock Bros avatar showing incorrectly for a second
  • F12 now toggles HUD (rather than just hides it)
  • Fixed Windows in City (and elsewhere) breaking after a radio tower start.
  • More Agressive/Less Forgetful Mookopter
  • Fixed Bombardment Flashes getting stuck during Time Bro Motion
  • Improved Camera Trigger Actions
  • Fix Dual Shock 3 controllers crashing on Macs (thanks Unity!)
  • MANY fixes related to Macs and startup
  • Fixed lack of propane momentum when stepping off propane tanks
  • Improved Z ordering of background foliage
  • A lot of work on the announcer voice
  • Made muzzle flashes stick to guns
  • 5% faster mook reaction times
  • Scriptable enemies in Level Editor (WORK IN PROGRESS!)
  • Ellen Ripbro’s plasma damages terrain more
  • Broniversal Soldier has a higher rate of fire for his primary weapon
  • Villagers 2.0
  • Bros can stand on mook parachutes.
  • Placing unused terrain pieces in your levels will no longer break the levels
  • Fixed outlines on some parallax pieces

Today marks the last day you can snap the Early Access game up for a 33% discount ($9.99) from Steam. Grab it before the offer expires at 7pm South African time.