Did the video we posted yesterday of kids being shown a Nintendo Game Boy strike a nostalgic chord? Did you rush out to buy a handheld from yesteryear but you couldn’t find one for sale anywhere? Electronics hobby site Adafruit.com has you covered – it wants to show you how to build your own.

The PiGRRL makes use of a Raspberry Pi, a 3D printed case, a bastardised SNES controller and a tiny touchscreen to build the faux-Boy, and was put together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the console.  You’ll need to bring your soldering skills and knowledge of circuitry, though, but even if you lack those Adafruit has a bunch of excellent tutorials and guides that should bring you up to speed fairly quickly.

Once it’s all done, the Game Boy/Girl/Any-gender-you-like will play classic Nintendo games using emulator software. It’s a brilliant father/child project for those cold winter weekends, plus when you’re done your kid will get a first-hand taste of what hooked us older gamers on Mario and his friends back in the day.

Want a quick preview of the project? Check out Adafruit’s excellent teaser video below:

[Via – Engadget]
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