Having a look back at your old Facebook posts from as far back as the year you joined is always a fun (or cringeworthy) way of reflecting on how your life (and personality) has changed. But it’s a bit of a chore to dig through the archives, which is why there are tools like LikeManager, a new app that shows you everything you’ve ever liked on Facebook.

LikeManager is run by a Portuguese startup called ColorElephant, it links to your Facebook profile and then processes the likes linked to that account to present them as 30 links separated into different categories. At the moment, Liking things is very much a fire-and-forget process, but LikeManager keeps track of what you’ve expressed an interest in and remembers them for future reference – you can think of it like an add-on for Facebook which turns your Likes into Pinterest-style bookmarks.

You’ll have to have some patience though as the results don’t automatically come up on the screen, but are emailed after a few minutes to the address associated with your account. From here on, you’ll get one email per week for 30 weeks.

Screenshot (70)You can choose whether you want to see just 30 likes a week or upgrade to more past like. While the service is initially free, upgrading will cost you $6.99 (around R7) to use the service for 6 months or $9.99 (around R10) for 12 months.

[Source – The Next Web, Main image – Shutterstock]