When is an ADSL connection both capped and uncapped at the same time? Either Erwin Schrödinger has started his own ISP or it’s OpenWeb’s new hybrid uncapped product.

The hybrid uncapped account offers users an unshaped, capped data account during the peak hours of 7AM to 7PM from Monday to Friday and an uncapped, shaped account the rest of the time. Maximum line speed is capped at 6Mbps whether in capped or uncapped mode. There are only 1 000 accounts on offer with data caps from 50GB to 200GB – in increments of 50GB – and prices range from R299 to R849 a month.

Once the data cap has been reached the line will be throttled to a speed of 384kbps during the peak hours with the full line speed still available during the off peak hours, although customers can choose to topup their data caps in increments of 50GB to unlock the full speed of the line once more.

The accounts can be paid for via debit order, EFT or credit card either as a once-off or as a monthly recurring payment with clients choosing the debit order method receiving a 50% discount for the rest of July. The accounts are billed pro-rata in the first month and require a full calendar month’s notice for cancellation.

It’s interesting to see OpenWeb looking to create new products like the hybrid uncapped account which caters nicely to the likes of home businesses that need high speed internet during working hours and an uncapped product for the evenings when the whole family is at home. Even in our own office there is a debate on whether capped or uncapped packages offer the best value and a product like the hybrid uncapped has definitely given us food for thought.

[Via – ITWeb, Image – Christian Schirm]
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