I’m not a fan of pre-order bonuses as they seldom offer what I deem to be enough of an incentive to shell out for a game early, but the guys behind Alien Isolation (Creative Assembly) have given me one hell of a good reason to change my mind: they’ve just announced two pre-order bonus missions starring the original cast of the 1979 movie. Yes, including everyone’s favourite alien-bait, Sigourney Weaver.

Right now these missions are exclusive to select retailers in the US, but there’s a chance they’ll make their way to South African shores. Even if they don’t appear as pre-order bonuses here right away, they should inevitably become paid-for DLC. And going on the descriptions alone, this is DLC every fan of the first film will want.

The two packs are called Crew Expendable and Last Survivor respectively; Crew Expendable has you playing as Ripley, Dallas or Parker as you attempt to isolate the Alien with the help of Ash and Lambert (both Kane and Brett are no more as the game opens just after their deaths). Last Survivor is essentially a gamified version of the movie’s end sequence, where the crew is dead and Ripley must attempt to set the Nostromo’s self-destruct mechanism and get herself to the escape pod without being chomped.

Why should you care? Firstly, this shows a huge commitment to deliver a game that’s truer to the 1979 movie than any Alien game so far, something that’s long overdue for the franchise as a whole. Second, many of the movie’s original cast re-united to reprise their roles so this ain’t no wannabe Alien game; it’s the real deal. The only soundalike is a replacement for Ian Holm (Ash from the movie).

Alien Isolation is out on the 7th of October for PC, both PlayStations and both Xboxes. Good luck choosing between this and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Curious about the game? Check out its E3 trailer below:

[Via – Metro]
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