The Glacier White PlayStation 4 was first unveiled at this year’s E3 and was said to only be available as part of a special Destiny bundle. Then Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida (head of the company’s worldwide studios) told French site GameOne that a “standalone Glacier White PlayStation 4” will be coming out in Europe before the end of the year.

Sadly, those hoping for a simultaneous launch in South Africa are in for some disappointment: we’ve just received confirmation from local PlayStation supplier Ster Kinekor that the standalone Glacier White PS4 will not, in fact, be coming here.

However, the Destiny bundle that includes it is definitely coming our way, although our source at Ster Kinekor tells us the company will only be bringing it into the country in “limited quantities”.

The bundle features the white console itself, a copy of Destiny, a single Dual Shock controller (also white) and 30 days of PlayStation Network access so you can enjoy the game’s MMO-like multiplayer trappings.

For now, the only way South Africans will be able to get their hands on a Glacier White PS4 is by shelling out for the bundle; while there are other alternatives, none are sanctioned by Ster Kinekor.

There is one last hope, however: Ster Kinekor told us that should they notice a huge uptake in preorders, they will reconsider bringing in the standalone white console.

Preorders are already open from places like BTGames, so there’s a bit of time before Destiny’s September 9th launch date to let Ster Kinekor know how much we really, really want them to bring in the standalone white PS4. It’s just so pretty.