John Chen and co at BlackBerry just can’t catch a break from experts and analysts who have been predicting the firm’s demise over the last few years. The latest of these “death predictions” comes from financial news site 24/7 Wall Street, which has placed BlackBerry at number nine on its list of 10 brands most likely to disappear in 2015.

“BlackBerry is about to run out of its nine lives. As recently as 2008, BlackBerry, then operating as Research In Motion, had 19.5% of the global smartphone market. However, following Apple’s introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and Google’s release of the Android mobile operating system in 2008, that figure fell to less than 1% by late 2013,”  the site says.

Interestingly, 24/7 Wall Street made a similar prediction in 2012 when it named BlackBerry one of the 10 brands most likely to disappear in 2013, yet it’s still around launching products such as the square-shaped BlackBerry Passport and the all-new BlackBerry Z3, which is just made it South Africa and is already sold out at Vodacom.

“Revenue has continued its multiyear slide, confirming the belief that BlackBerry cannot survive on its own. In the most recently reported quarter, revenue dropped to $966 million from $3.1 billion in the same quarter the year before,” 24/7 Wall Street also says, but things are apparently picking up after BlackBerry announced it saw a $23 million profit in the first three months of its financial year.

And while BlackBerry is losing popularity in countries like the US, data has shown that the brand has seen some growth in Africa and developing countries like Indonesia.

Will BlackBerry be dead and buried by this time next year? We doubt it.

[Source – CNET, Image – File]