At Google’s annual I/O conference, the makers of Android took the wraps off of a new look and feel for the operating system as well as the entire company’s portfolio of products which it called Material Design. And it looks like the Google Play Store is about to get a serious redesign courtesy of this new design language in the near future.

The folks over at Android Police have managed to get their hands on a a cache of images that show off a very different-looking Google Play Store, one which is in pre-release testing according to the site. The new pages in the Play Store display large hero images across the top of each app, album and movie that look similar to the images that were shown off at the Material Design session that took place during I/O.

Here are some of the before and after shots courtesy of Android Police:

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The new design is most definitely still in a testing phase, evident by the change in the look of the listing for the movie ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, and the screenshot grabbed of it from the refreshed Play Store.

We’ll more than likely have to wait for the official release of the Android ‘L’ before we see a change, but as far as first impressions go we’re all for the Material Designed Google Play Store.

[Source, Image – Android Police]
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