Six teenagers representing South Africa competed against 102 other countries last week at the International Maths Olympiad (IMO), an event which kicked off on the 3rd of July and rounded up yesterday.

Nashlen Govindasamy, Yaseen Mowzer, Tae Jun Park, Sanjiv Ranchod, Bronson RudnerRobin Visser, Melissa Kistner and Dirk Basson, along with 500 other contestants, all took part in the first IMO to be held on African soil at the University of Cape Town.

The South African IMO team came in 64th overall in the international competition, dropping five place from last year’s number 58 ranking.

“A candidate gets 1 point if at least one significant step in the direction of a solution has been taken,” explained Prof Dirk Laurie, chief coordinator of the 2014 IMO. Two points are awarded to a candidate for making very substantial progress without solving the problem.

“When a candidate has basically solved the problem, but there are some missing cases, 5 points are awarded. For a solution that is almost complete with just a minor lapse, 6 points is awarded. If a contestant has a full solution, 7 points are awarded.”

China walked away with the number one spot and a gold medal, while the US and Taiwan came in second and third place respectively.

[Source – The New Age, IMO, Image – IMO]