In the past we’ve taken issue with Samsung’s top tier smartphones, particularly the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S4 and S5, coming in two distinct varieties – 3G only and LTE enabled.

In fact, it was the delay in the release of the LTE model of the Galaxy S4 in South Africa by almost five months that had us bothered last year. Thankfully choosing between two version of Samsung’s flagship phones could be in the past, with the news that Samsung has finally included an LTE radio on one of its Exynos processors.

Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of smartphone components in the world, in fact if you look at the components included in certain models of the Samsung Galaxy S5 for instance, the RAM, display and storage are all from one or another Samsung company. The obvious benefit to Samsung is that the more components that come from its subsidiaries, the more money the South Korean company as a whole makes off of each unit sold to the the consumer. However, in the case of the LTE version of the Galaxy S5, as well as the S4, S4 Active and Note 3, Samsung has used processors from Qualcomm for the LTE version of its smartphones because Samsung’s Exynos processors haven’t had an LTE radio built in.

While the quad core Exynos ModAP processor is just about the least sexy thing we could possibly write about when it comes to technology, the fact that Samsung is now manufacturing processors with on-board LTE radios means that next year – when you’re buying the Galaxy S6 – you won’t have to worry about the fact that you could be getting the incorrect model that will condemn you to a life of slow download speeds and other #FirstWorldProblems.

So hooray for LTE, yay for Samsung and whoopee for advancements in the silicon microprocessor that make it easier to just buy a damn smartphone.

[Via – GigaOm, Image – Shutterstock]