We’ve been made aware by press release of a brand-new mobile game based on the How To Train Your Dragon movies that’s out for Nokia phones and some Windows 8.1 tablets, so we promptly downloaded it to see what it’s all about.

It’s called Dragons Adventure World Explorer, and it uses maps of real-world locations to procedurally-generate the terrain for the game. The game makes use of Nokia’s HERE map technology to incorporate the road layout, points of interest, lakes, traffic conditions and time of day in the location being modelled into its unique environments.

Players must fly their dragons as either Astrid or Hiccup through the fantasy realms, completing quests that earn various food items that in turn upgrade your dragon’s speed, strength and attack power. Or they can simply fly around looking at stuff since the game is actually quite attractive.

Some levels are based on real-life cities from the planet’s various continents, but it’s also possible to set a local destination and play on levels based on the roads you’d actually travel in the real world, making the game a clever option for road trips with small kids.

Dragons Adventure World Explorer is available on Nokia’s Lumia 1520, 1020, 925 Windows Phone 8 handsets, and is completely free to play on those phones. It’s also out for select Windows 8.1 tablets; to see if your tablet qualifies head over to the game’s Windows Store page.

If you’re reading this page on a qualifying Nokia handset, you can download the game here.