Local online learning company Rethink Education has announced that its Mxit app, which offers high school maths and science learners free access to its curriculum in English, is now also available in Afrikaans.

“We decided to start offering our content in Afrikaans as part of our strategy to offer high quality education resources to all South African students,” said Rethink Education founder Douglas Hoernle. “Rethink Education leverages technology with interactive, exciting content which helps learners master their studies effectively and efficiently.”

Hoernle said Rethink Education would be available in more African languages in the near future and that the company was also looking adding more subjects to the curriculum.

Rethink Education currently has reached over 477 000 active users on Mxit since its debut in November.

“The Rethink Education app is by far the newest and most exciting approach we’ve seen to help encourage the uptake of maths and science amongst learners,” said head of Mxit Reach Andrew Rudge. “This form of responsive learning is ideally suited to Mxit and provides the possibility of reaching hundreds of thousands of learners across South Africa, irrespective of the mobile device they use.”