Civilization V is not a game that you’d expect would lend itself to the mocking of FIFA, yet that’s exactly what one modder has achieved with a “World Cup Host Resolution” mod.

Kotaku has reported that the modder, known only as Steph, has created a mod that lets nations bid for the opportunity to host a World Cup game, in much the same way that players of the vanilla game bid on the World Fair or International Games.

The winning nation is rewarded with the opportunity to build stadiums using migrant labour – which is cheaper, naturally – and all production counts as bribes. The migrant labourer is a brand-new unit, and can only be bought. Should they die, it’s okay – they can be easily replaced. Players are also given a free settler, who has the power to build new settlements just for the event.

Perhaps the single biggest kick to the face is the way the mod points out that the reward for hosting the games – 20 gold – is a pittance in comparison to the cost of hosting. There’s no doubt FIFA is a controversial organisation, and it’s kind of cool to see a modder illustrate many of the issues faced by nations hosting the World Cup using a source as unlikely as Civilization V.

Civ V is available on Steam for $29.99, and the mod can be downloaded through the Steam Workshop for free.

[Source – Kotaku]
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