Now and then you may come across something on Facebook that you just don’t have the time to check out at that exact moment. Having to go back and look for that post can be a mission, so to help you out, Facebook has launched a feature called “Save”.

The feature lets you save photos, links, videos, music and statuses by simply clicking the drop down arrow at the top right corner and selecting ‘Save’. Only you’ll be able to see whatever you’ve saved and you can access your saved posts by clicking the “More” tab on mobile or on the left hand side of Facebook on the web.

Everything is saved under different categories and you can share the posts with your friends or put it in your archives by simply swiping right on the post.


Just in case you forget about your saved posts, Facebook will send you reminders in your News Feed that will appear as normal posts.


Facebook Save will be rolling out to Android, iOS and the web in the net few days so keep an eye out for it.

[Source – Facebook. Image – Facebook]