Since launch the PlayStation 4 has been unable to play music and movies like the PS3 has done for years, but that might change soon: veteran leaker Tidux has let slip on Twitter that an upcoming firmware update could possibly add multimedia playback as well as other features that are already available on the PS3.

Gamepur picked it up and sent a few questions Tidux’s way to clarify the what and when. Most intriguingly, Tidux said to expect the firmware update – or official announcements thereof – to arrive at or before Gamescom 2014, which kicks off on August 13th. That’s right around the corner.

No further clarification was provided, so it’s unknown exactly what sort of multimedia will be playable through the PS4 or how, but presumably it will be done through an app and most popular file formats will be supported. Unless, of course, Sony doesn’t like the fact that a lot of pirated movies and TV shows are .MKV files and leaves that particular format out on general principles to protect its video-streaming services.

Tidux also said that other new features can be expected that go beyond what the PS3 can currently do, but he/she gave no further indication of what those could be.

So it’s exciting times for PS4 owners and media enthusiasts, who might finally be able to replace their PS3s as their home’s primary media player.

What would you like to see added to the PS4’s list of functions?

[Source – Gamepur, Image – Sony]
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