Reaffirming the point that tablets are currently slumping in popularity, Apple’s third quarter financial results detailed a 9.2% loss in iPad sales – the previous quarter Apple sold 16% less iPads than expected. That effectively translates to 13.2 million units and $5.9 billion in sales.

In contrast, just two years ago Apple reported that sales of their hugely-successful tablet was up by 84%.

Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t seem to be too bothered about it though. “This isn’t something that worries us,” he told the Wall Street Journal.

But the biggest winner for Apple was definitely their iPhone. Increasing by 12% from last year, Apple sold 35.2 million smartphones in the quarter, thanks to an increase in demand from countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China.

55% of Apple’s iPhone sales came from those regions, which also helped it to bag a quarterly revenue of $37.4 billion and quarterly net profit of $7.7 billion. That is a $2 billion increase over the same period last year, and international sales accounted for 59 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

“Our record June quarter revenue was fuelled by strong sales of iPhone and Mac and the continued growth of revenue from the Apple ecosystem, driving our highest EPS growth rate in seven quarters,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, in a media statement.

As for Mac sales, it quickly becomes apparent that the iPad could be in a real spot of bother, as the number of Macs sold is slowly creeping up on the number of iPads sold. While Apple sold $5.9 billion in iPads, it sold $5.44 billion worth of Macs.

In total it sold 4.4 million units, which is up in the quarter to 18%. It’s clear that Mac sales are closing the gap on iPad sales, and the Wall Street Journal pointed out that the last time Mac sales were more than the iPad was in 2011.

With the iPhone 6 on the horizon and a number of different products in the pipeline, Cook added that he is optimistic about the future of the company – and he should be. For the quarter going forward, Apple is eyeing between $37 billion and $40 billion in revenue.

“We are incredibly excited about the upcoming releases of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, as well as other new products and services that we can’t wait to introduce.”

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