You know you’re a fan of a particular movie when you see actors talking about their parts in it and you get goosebumps. The effect is doubled when you see those same actors talking about an upcoming videogame based on that movie.

That’s exactly what happened to me earlier when I watched the latest promo video for Alien: Isolation, sent to me by SEGA’s PR peeps. It shows five of the ageing stars of 1979’s Alien talking about the iconic franchise and how a game based on the classic property makes it something more immersive – as well as something you can’t walk away from – than a movie. You’ll also see some of the actors delivering lines for the DLC they will be appearing in and some sneak-peek glimpses of scenes in the game.

It’s a fascinating watch, especially as the actors are all older than 60 and Father Time hasn’t been particularly kind to them. Harry Dean Stanton probably fared the best, since he wasn’t all that young to start (he was 53 when Alien came out). Which is also quite impressive since the guy is 88 now, and he only looks marginally less homeless than he did back then.

Since it genuinely inspired a spontaneous outbreak of goosebumps on my person, I thought I’d spread the feeling of excited anticipation around a bit by sharing the video.


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