Twitter has become the go-to source for news for a number of people who rely on tweets from reporters (and their associated news organisations) to get the latest updates as and when they happen. But what if you wanted to quickly catch up on the share price of Apple or Google? Or what about South African Breweries (SAB) or First Rand Bank while you’re on the run?

Thanks to the local office of IRESS the data from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), New York Stock Exchange (NYS), London Stock Exchange (LSE) and the NASDAQ (NAS) is now just a tweet away.

IRESS is a familiar name to those in the share trading and investing fraternity. Their latest venture lets you tweet a request to the @iress_data account any time of the day and in return it will reply with the share price’s day’s high, low and change along with a timestamp of when the information was last updated – as the data is on a fifteen minute delay.

And in the case of a Top40 listed share on the JSE, the tweet will also contain a link to IRESS’s news archive of that particular share to give users even more information on the company searched for.

The request is sent in the following format “@iress_data #.” so for example if you wanted to find out the current share price of SAB on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange you would tweet “@iress_data #SAB.JSE” just like we did below.

“It’s a simple solution for now,” said Ashley Mendelowitz the MD of EMEA and North America at IRESS. “But there are great opportunities for further development, like creating Twitter tools to help listed companies engage with their followers while simultaneously giving their followers access to information”.

[Image – Shutterstock]