You might as well kiss productivity goodbye for the rest of the day after clicking on TravelByDrone.

The site has an interactive map featuring YouTube drone videos shot by different people from around the world using drones.

Anyone can submit a request for their video to be uploaded and if your video is of high quality, is shot outdoors, clearly shows the area in which the drone flies and doesn’t promote  product or has a political, religious or other personal message, then it’ll be added to the map.

Screenshot (88)

Pins of the exact location where the video was shot appear on the map and you can view the videos by clicking on the pin.

South Africa currently only features 12 videos from the Cape Town area and one from Upington on the map. We would love to see more from around the country, so if you have a drone and can take great quality footage of wherever you are in South Africa, we suggest dropping TravelByDrone a line. Do it (with the caveat that if you make money from drone flights you’re technically breaking the law, of course).

Below are two videos really beautiful videos shot in Llandudno, Cape Town and Upington:

[Source – Huffington Post. Image – YouTube]