Data is definitely the new commodity, and he who has the most is often crowned king. Armed with that knowledge, and the fact that there are a number of other data centres in South Africa, mobile service provider Vodacom lifted the veil on their brand new data centre in Midrand today.

Launched under the Vodacom Business banner, the huge 3000m2 facility is Vodacom’s eighth such data centre, and incorporates all manner of green technology that it uses in other facilities, with an aim to minimise their impact on the environment.

The move to add another data centre comes as Vodacom’s South African customer bases moves to almost 33 million subscribers, and it saw an increase in data traffic by 70% – compared to last year. But the data centre is only a small part pf their investment into infrastructure in the country. Just for this year, it will be spending R9 billion to upgrade and maintain its local network.

Adding additional hosting capacity, the new data centre (which has been dubbed Data Park) will assist Vodacom in keeping its new cloud strategy online, as the service provider is convinced that businesses are moving away from the usual on-site hosting to a shared data centre environment.

“Data Park was conceived in response to faster than expected utilisation of space in our first data centre in Midrand. We’ve seen that the combination of lower cost bandwidth, mobile devices, storage, and computing power is driving a rapid uptake of cloud services. Data Park will be an extension to our existing facilities and gives us the scale needed to service customers for the entire range of cloud services,”said Ermano Quartero, managing executive at Vodacom, South Africa.

As mentioned, the new data centre will form part of Vodacom’s new range of cloud-based services, which includes disaster recovery as a service, SAP Hana enterprise resources, and security as a service. It added that it even shuffled its cloud team to better serve the purpose.

“Data Park gives us a vital edge. With full solutions integration, a single contract and a single bill, Vodacom Business cloud solutions will simplify the move to the cloud for businesses across South Africa. In addition, thanks to our ownership of six connectivity networks and our ability to access assets across the Vodafone Group, we can deploy solutions everywhere your business needs,” concluded Quartero.

Vodacom has previously said that the demand for data has been fuelled by the prominence of LTE and more smartphone models capable of connecting to it – which led to Vodacom having to add more LTE sites. will be taken on a tour of the data centre, so keep an eye out for more images from the centre.

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