OLX , FNB and Samsung are top tech brands on Facebook in SA

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Facebook (henceforth to be known as The World’s Creepiest Social Network) can tell us a lot about the world we live in. For example, most of us probably think that our peers are most interested in brands like Apple, and do their online shopping exclusively at YuppieChef. But Facebook gives a more honest account of what makes South Africa tick.

Local marketing agency HaveYouHeard roped in the services of social analytics company SocialBakers to identify the top 100 brands on Facebook in 17 countries – one of which was South Africa. It’s a fairly simple survey which just counts followers of brand pages, but according to their findings local ecommerce service OLX beats out all international brands in terms of popularity here.

All 100 brands’ performance was measure according to total likes, local likes, percentage growth in likes, total engagement rate as well as total and local number of people talking about the brand on Facebook.

Here’s a look at the top 20 brands in South Africa, according to SocialBakers:

Tech brands did fairly well, but there are a huge number that are notable by their absence. Here’s the sum total of the ones we could find in the original list, with their rankings on the left. Note how far apart most competing brands are from one another – and see if you can spot some very obvious omissions.

“We conducted this research in a bid to learn more about the consumption of Facebook by consumers in countries around the world, specifically those countries with similar profiles to South Africa, or those which have a great influence on our culture and consumption,” said HaveYouHeard joint MD, Jason Stewart.

“A critical error that brands make when it comes to Facebook is equating success with the number of Likes… A more reliable indicator of social popularity would be to measure the number of people with whom that person currently has a relationship,” Stewart said.

Ranking by this algorithm, which uses a variety of different ways of measuring pages rather than simple Likes, FNB and Samsung Mobile come out on top.

You can see the full list of the top 100 brands on Facebook on SocialBakers.

[Via – Bizcommunity, Image – Shutterstock]





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