Looking at the popularity of Instagram and Snapchat makes it easy to understand just how much people value the ability to share their experiences through photos with a community of followers, friends and family.

Cape Town based image-editing app Over has already garnered over 9 million app installs on iOS, making more than $1 million (over R10 million) in revenue in the process. Over has has just released its Android app, bringing with it a slew of new features that will eventually permeate into the iOS app as well.

For those who have never used Over before, the app allows you to add text and graphics over the top of images, whether it be photos you’ve taken or images you’ve received from others.  You can change the colour, orientation, opacity and size of the individual pieces of text and images and then, once you’ve finished stylising your images, you can share them to any other app.

Along with making the app more thumb-friendly to accommodate for the larger displays that Android smartphones typically have, the other new features in the Android version includes the ability to save full resolution photos from the Over app, the ability to rotate text and, importantly for the continued existence of Over as a business, an improved store experience which should lead to much higher revenues.

While a picture might indeed say a thousand words, sometimes you just want to add some words to a picture and Over is the perfect companion to do that – it’s also great to support a local company at the same time.

Over is available on iOS through the iTunes App Store for $1.99 (R21.14) and for Android on the Google Play Store at half price (for a limited period) to celebrate the launch for just $0.99 (R10.57).

[Images – Over]
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