Clearly, Square Enix isn’t listening to its own advice about letting slumbering canines snooze: 2012’s excellent Sleeping Dogs will be making a bit of a comeback in October, with a re-release on the two newest consoles. This is according to gaming supersite Polygon, going on a listing on Amazon for the game.

It’s called the Definitive Edition, and it comes with every single piece of DLC ever released for the game (and that’s a lot) and spruced-up graphics that take advantage of the new consoles’ powerful hardware. Expect the Definition Edition to look very much like the PC version that came out on Steam, but also expect it to run at a very playable frame rate that doesn’t require a hardware upgrade (as some experienced with the PC version). There’s no word yet on whether it will hit full 1080p on both consoles, but hope is high.

The game’s publisher, Square Enix, has done this before with Tomb Raider which was released for the PS4 with the Definitive Edition designation. We quite liked it, and so hope is high that the efforts poured into Sleeping Dogs will yield a similarly satisfying result.

Those of you a bit skeptical about the value of releasing the game again like this can sleep easy: even though it’s priced at the same level as a brand-new AAA game ($59.99, so R645 or so) there is so much – surprisingly good – downloadable content with it that it easily justifies the cost.

The core game is also just so good, with a particularly polished driving mechanic and a story that’s arguably more interesting than those of any GTA game you care to name, that even those who finished game on Xbox 360 or PS3 will likely be looking forward to doing it all again, just with better visuals.

More when we get it. In the meantime, get a taste for what’s in store with this cool trailer for the original game:

[Source – Amazon via Polygon]
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