John Romero let it slip on Joqstiq’s podcast that he’s working on a new shooter. Romero co-created Doom back in the 90s with programming legend John Carmack, and hasn’t worked on a shooter since 2000’s dismal (and comically overhyped) Daikatana.

His actual words were, according to GameZone, “I haven’t made a shooter since 2000, so I’m basically starting to work on another one.” He added that he’s currently working with a concept artist to flesh out a lead character. Let’s hope this one doesn’t look like him, like the lead from Daikatana did.

I’m not sure I’m all that pumped for a new Romero game, to be honest, although he may potentially bring some classic old-school ideas back into a triple-A mainstream shooter since he and Carmack essentially invented the concept at id Software back in the day. So I’m going to give the guy a little credit, and wait and see what he comes up with.

By the sound of it, the game is far from any condition to warrant an official announcement, but I’ll be sure to keep my eyes and ears open for news of any progress. Whatever he does, I hope he avoids the offensively stupid advertising that heralded Daikatana’s massive failure back in the day:

More like “The gaming industry’s about to make John Romero the butt of all future jokes about oft-delayed shovelware until the release of Duke Nukem Forever”.
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