Friends and business partners Navino Evans and Sean McBirnie have come up with a new way to explore world history with the launch of an interactive spin-off Wikipedia called Histropedia.

Launched at the Wikimania conference in London, Histropedia (which is currently in beta version) is very much like Wikipedia in that it contains information on topics added and edited by editors from around the world. But what makes Histropedia different is that it combines maps, photos, Twitter content, related films, TV shows, books, music and YouTube videos with data from Wikipedia, and presents it on interactive timelines that you can easily navigate through without having to do long and in-depth searches on the site.

Here’s a timeline of the history of Apple computers, click and scroll to navigate sideways and up and down.

“Everyone loves Wikipedia, it has become a corner stone of the internet and the starting point for all general knowledge,” reads the Histropedia site. “Our aim is to help people to visualise this amazing resource by displaying it on a fully interactive timeline, giving everyone on the planet the freedom to explore history in the same way that Google maps has allowed us to explore the globe.”

Evans and McBirnie roped in the services of Geeks Ltd to help develop the site and Wikidata to create an advanced filter and query system that will allow custom timelines to be created in seconds.

Over 1.5 million events have already been added to Histropedia, users can join the Histropedia community, create new events and add Wikipedia articles and related content to it if it’s not already in the database. Histropedia is free to use and all timelines are published under an open licence. You can even share timelines on social media or embed them on websites.

Histropedia is only available in English for now, but Evans and McBirnie say they will expand it to features all 267 languages that Wikipedia is available in.

[Source – The Guardian, Image – YouTube]