The internet that we grew up with and love to hate, is not the same internet that many users are connecting to today. Bandwidth issues aside, Google said during its Think Video conference this morning that as the needs of users change, so do the companies that play major roles in it.

Google country manager Luke McKend explained that even at Google and YouTube they have to think of the future and change the way they grow forward – and they are concerned about it.

“At Google we are a little concerned about what is happening in the market and the internet landscape. We are seeing that there are more internet users every month, but not only do they use mobile phones to access the internet, it’s the only medium that they make use of,” said McKend.

Why this is concerning for a company such as YouTube, and by extension Google, is that mobile  phones that are in the market today aren’t really well suited for video – when it comes to video definition. There are plenty of high-resolution video, including 4K videos, on YouTube, but most smartphones can display 4K.

“That is really a challenge for us, because that is only one medium that connects to the net, and the problem is that the definition is not that good. If they are connecting like that now, we have to think about the internet users of the next three to four years. How will those people connect to the internet and what will their needs be?”

According to McKend, the only way forward for them is to change the way they think about delivering content and how people make use of the net.

“We have to address those challenges to reach those type of people. We need to rethink how we make use of the internet.”

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