Bandwidth hogs using Telkom Internet uncapped accounts beware: Telkom has just issued a press release saying how they are going to be enforcing their “Fair Usage Policy” from today, something they’ve “exercised much leniency” on in the past.

Their justification is that network capacity is a finite resource and contention for it is growing at a rapid pace, meaning more people want more bandwidth. Since network capacity isn’t unlimited, they say it becomes necessary to ensure a small number of people don’t use so much bandwidth that they impact negatively on the experience of other customers.

That means anyone who downloads a lot through the service needs to be aware that they will be more closely monitored and throttled or shaped (or both) in future should their activities impact noticeably on the network’s performance.

The important bits to know are these two points, taken from the press release’s “Important information for Telkom ISP users” section (the emphasis is ours):

Telkom’s Internet uncapped products are not capped in the ordinary course of business. However, Telkom reserves the right to apply restrictions on an uncapped account if the usage trend is determined to be affecting the user experience of all the others on Telkom’s network.

Such restrictions may include, but are not limited to, throttling throughput speeds to an appropriate proportion of the actual port speed and / or shaping a bandwidth to limit the use of bandwidth intensive protocols and appli¬cations such as fast downloading, some online gaming and streaming video.

So if you’re one of those heavy downloaders, either switch to a prepaid account (since Telkom says unused bandwidth now rolls over each month), move to another ISP or simply throttle your own usage down from where it is by choice.

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