How do you tell the stories of a vast continent in a confined space? That was the questions that documentary film maker Ingrid Martens struggled with – and eventually found the answer.

Martens spend her free time riding the elevator up and down of Ponte Tower, that tallest apartment building in South Africa, and documenting the views of its passengers of Africa.

Called Under One Roof, the film takes the viewer on a journey of what the Ponte residents think about Johannesburg, their neighbours and foreigners. Mixed with serious moments of honest true and light-hearted jokes about men’s makeup, the film provides an interesting look into the way we see each other and how people in a confined space has to live.

“I was looking to tell the story of a thousand places in one confined space. Ponte was seen in exactly the same wide-angle lens as Africa – as being dark and dangerous. But when you look at the close-up, it’s a celebration of Africa under one roof.”

It’s well worth investigating, so head on to to a delightful look at how Africans from all over the continent live in one of the most confined places on earth.

[Image – Image – CC by 2.5/KemptonReporter]
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