Reuters revealed yesterday that games console and services company Ouya has partnered with Chinese mobile company Xiaomi (pronounced “Shaow-me”) to bring its games and services into Chinese living rooms through Xiaomi’s set-top boxes and smart TVs.

The Ouya is a $99 games console and gaming service that was successfully Kickstarted in 2012, but since it reached an official retail release it hasn’t exactly set the world alight with excitement, resulting in rather disappointing sales.

But its creators haven’t been doing nothing in the wake of its release; earlier this year they began to market their games through an app that allows Ouya developers to sell their wares on other Android hardware.

Xiaomi is China’s biggest reseller of smartphones, and has ambitions to expand into other markets like set-top boxes and TVs. Reuters says Xiaomi will apparently integrate an Ouya Channel into the software that runs its MiBox and MiTV set-top boxes and smart TVs, allowing Chinese consumers buy and play Ouya games.

It’s a stroke of marketing genius for both companies as China’s population is huge and its middle class is rapidly growing, meaning the nation’s appetite for electronics – and content to consume on those electronics – is voracious, providing plenty of opportunity for companies to peddle their wares to a brand-new audience.

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