Battlefield games have always been more popular on PC than on consoles as they look – and play – much better on PC thanks to the platform’s superior graphics and its keyboard and mouse controls . But that’s no longer the case. has reported that for the past few months, there have been more people playing Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4 at the same time than there have been on PC. The site says this could be due to a number of bugs that have plagued the PC version of the game since launch, and which have still not quite been patched out. While the console versions have their share of problems, there aren’t nearly as many as on PC according to many ex-players.

One commenter on the article said:

“One big reason for this could be that the PC version has been so unstable, so buggy and laggy since launch, that PC gamers have simply given up on the game.”

More like that is THE reason.

 – AJ Beamish

The PlayStation 4’s hardware means the game looks almost as good as it does on PC, leaving PC gamers with only mouse and keyboard controls to really set them apart. And while those will always offer more precise controls over any gamepad you care to name, the advantage isn’t big enough to keep PC gamers plugging away at the game in the face of instability, bugs and lag.

EA says another patch is in the works, but whether this will finally sort Battlefield 4’s remaining issues out and bring PC gamers back into the fold remains to be seen.

Check out the fascinating graph the Player Stats Network has put together showing the number of concurrent BF4 players per platform to get a visual illustration of the decline:


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