Advertising is unfortunately one of the many aspects that keep websites and services afloat, but they can be a serious annoyance if they are designed in such a way that they eat up even more bandwidth than the website does. But from today, Facebook will make use of custom advertising that’s based on the speed of your internet connection.

Ads on a 4G connection, for instance, will be a lot richer than ones customised to someone surfing on 2G, a move that gets the required message across without slowing Facebook to a crawl.

“Particularly in high-growth countries, network speeds can vary and infrastructure is constantly changing. This fragmented environment makes it difficult for businesses to reach people with valuable experiences on their mobile devices. People want fast, seamless experiences on their phones. This new type of targeting further customises people’s Facebook experience while respecting device bandwidth and data costs,” Facebook in Africa said in a statement.

Facebook has been looking at ways to improve its services for all of its users, and give people even more convenient ways to stay in touch. A good example of this came in July when the social media network introduced ‘Click to missed call’ in India, a feature that has Facebook send a user a missed call notification on the caller’s behalf rather than the user physically phoning their contact and then hanging up.

“Now, we’re working on how we can make the experience of the marketer reaching a person to be the best experience, no matter what kind of device a person is using, from any access speed. This is key across the globe, but especially in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and India, where devices and bandwidth connections are often [the] lowest common denominator.”

[Source – Facebook]
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